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It’s a total steal! 10 Awesome things to do in Adelaide for (almost) nothing; Part 2

3 May

Not long ago we posted our Top 10 things to do in Adelaide for (almost) nothing, Part 1. And now we’re back to finalise this little affair and make sure you all know how to get the most out of your limited budget while in Adelaide. So read in Part 2:


South Australia has been nicknamed ‘Australia’s Festival State’ , this is for one reason only – more than 400 festivals take place around the state every year. So whether you’re into sports, music, food and wine or comedy, there is something happening around you literally every day. Many of the events are free to attend (like the below pictured Orchestra Under the Stars concert in Elder Park) or you can always find a bargain ticket. The Adelaide Festival Centre offers great discounts and events for international students (for details on events coming up visit www.afct.org.au).

Also, there is a new arts access program for young people called the Fringe Benefits (www.fringebenefits.com.au). As a Fringe Benefits member you can enjoy exclusively discounted tickets to performing and visual arts events, major festivals, concerts and gigs all year round, plus special benefits at selected clubs, pubs and retail outlets.


Whether you’re a true chocoholic or just like to nibble from time to time, Haigh’s Chocolate Factory is a paradise. Here you can enjoy special chocolate tastings, see chocolates being made and discover the heritage behind Haigh’s, Australia’s oldest chocolate manufacturer and a true Aussie icon, where chocolate is handmade. And  let me tell you a little secret – when you book a factory tour (which is free and takes about 20 minutes) you’ll get a few delicious samples to taste. Now if free chocolate is not amazing then I don’t know what is :)!


You might have heard of this but the beaches in Australia are free:). There are plenty of beaches in Adelaide and most of them are less than 30 minutes from the city. And what’s more, Adelaide’s warm climate means you can enjoy them practically all year round. The most popular are the iconic Glenelg, Henley, Brighton and West beach, all with a vibrant pub culture and full of cafés, restaurants, little shops and miles of clean white sand.


Rundle Mall is the shopping heart of Adelaide, located right in the city centre. It was created in 1976 as Australia’s first pedestrian mall. You’ll find more than 600 retail stores and 15 arcades there, outdoor cafes and bars to relax in. The Mall is renowned as a venue for performances, promotions and events, from fashion parades, to buskers and street performers (I don’t have to remind you that all these are free, right?).


Are you a flora fan? Interested in Australian native plants? Head down to Adelaide Botanic Gardens in eastern part of the city.  On a sunny day, bring a picnic and snooze the afternoon away on one of their lush green lawns. We walked around the gardens and learned about the way the Aboriginal people used the plants for food, shelter and protection (read about us Discovering the Aboriginal Way here).

So, that’s our Top 10 awesome things to do in Adelaide for (almost) nothing. Have you found them helpful? Do you think we’ve left anything out? Share your thoughts below :).



Packing for Australia: ‘Why I won’t need a cork-hat’

16 Feb

 “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

…If only things were this simple, dear miss Heller.

Departure day for Adelaide, Australia is almost here so I must get on with the single most important part of the whole travelling experience: packing (visa sorted, don’t worry).

I don’t know about you lot but I dread packing (two weeks’ worth of gear for a long weekend anyone? No? I’m on my own?).

Packing is my least favourite aspect of a trip. Working out what to wear for the next two weeks makes my palms sweat and triggers heart palpitations. Don’t get me wrong, normally I’m a good planner. However, when it comes to fashion vs. comfort vs. meeting the airline restrictions choices I fail. Miserably. Which has led to my fair share of embarrassing (ok, funny) airport situations in the past (‘I’m sorry dear but your luggage is way over the weight limit and needs to be repacked’).

I admit it, I’m a total girl when it comes to packing. Will I need yet another pair of trainers? How about an extra pair of flip-flops? The three pairs of jeans! Each matches a different top which makes them ALL absolutely essential! And before I realise my suitcase is so stuffed that I emit strange animal sounds trying to heave it onto the escalator…

So the good news is, I’ve read so much about packing that I could publish a book on the art of packing your suitcase. In practice, let’s be honest, it’s tough.

So where do I start in my attempt to avoid packing-related trouble this time around? For starters, let’s see the things I definitely WILL NOT throw in the suitcase (inspired by the Frommer’s ’10 Items you should never wear when travelling’ list):

  • a bum bag (popular in the 1980’s but let’s face it, it doesn’t look good on anyone)
  • the infamous sandals + socks duo (a definite fashion no-no, also equals fashion suicide)
  • crocs (great for gardening and sailing, not so for anything else)
  • skimpy swimwear (let’s face it, I won’t be modelling for the Sport’s Illustrated Swimwear edition)

Next thing to solve is the PACKING METHOD; don’t laugh, there are quite a few out there. The basic rule, however, is not to neatly fold your items of clothing individually as this way they will crease when compressed.

So what are the options:

  • Roll it (from the bottom up) – backpackers swear by this method
  • Fold it (together) – lay items on top of each other so they overlap and fold. This way you provide extra padding and avoid creases
  • Bundle it – literally too difficult to explain but it basically means stacking all clothes onto each other, placing a soft core in the middle and wrapping the garments over. You end up with a bundle that looks like a pillow, doesn’t waste space and the clothes wrinkle less.

Or do you know what? As my last resort – if all the above fails and all my weeks of research go to waste – I’ll do one last thing: pack nothing (meaning the bare minimum of my passport, the clothes on my back, a camera, my toothbrush and a debit card).

So if you are unlucky enough to spot a cavewoman-resembling chick walking around Adelaide please come and say hello, you might be able to give me some packing tips :).

And how about you? Do you share my fear of packing? Or maybe you have some tips that will help me get through this mammoth task? C’mon, let’s hear it then…

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