About Us

Who are we?

We’re Ottilie and Owen, two British students who have recently travelled to Adelaide, South Australia (winning the ‘Get me to Adelaide’ competition) to check it out from a student’s perspective.

Ottilie is originally from York, currently living in London (where she recently graduated from King’s College) studying Psychology at Middlesex University. She wants to become a Clinical Psychologist. She loves cooking, baking, socialising with her mates and doing charity work.

INTERESTING FACT: Ottilie featured in an ad for Pampers nappies when she was a baby!

Owen is from London where he’s currently studying politics at UCL. He plays rugby at Hackney RFC.

INTERESTING FACT: Owen can’t sneeze!

Ottilie won this trip by posting a story about her mum trying to learn how to roller blade:

‘My Mum decided to take up roller blading (in her forties), but unfortunately our garden wasn’t big enough to practice in. So, she turned up at my school in the middle of the day and was attempting to skate around the playground, which the school looked over. Everyone at school ended up watching her from the windows, I was absolutely mortified when somebody realised and announced it was my Mum. To make matters worse the head teacher had to run out and ask her to leave.’


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